First reptile

So - you and your family have been considering a pet reptile.

Maybe your kid has friends with a pet snake, or you have a fur allergy, or want to teach your kid responsibility about a pet but you work long hours and just don't think a dog or cat can fit into your lifestyle.

Or you just really really like them :-)

This is what a reptile WON'T do -

It won't come running when you come home at night. It won't necessarily be your 'friend' (although they can recognise you). In fact to be honest most of them won't care if you live or die as long as their needs for food, water and heat are met.

On the plus - they are fascinating, and many are fairly low maintenance.

Snake or lizard - well it depends. First of all - what interests you? If you love geckos don't get a snake because you think its 'easier'.

Lizards are in general more active, more interactive. Some like bearded dragons are awake during the day, which is a plus, as many snakes are nocturnal.

On the downside, lizards usually need feeding more often, often live insects which can be off-putting, and defecate more often and more messily than most snakes, so more cage cleaning is needed. And the initial set up purchase is often more expensive. 

Snakes - often only eat every week or ten days as adults, so can be easy if you are regularly away from home for a day or two, and easy to arrange holiday care. Most eat frozen rodents (defrosted obviously) so you don't need to go to the pet shop every few days. Cage maintenance is therefore easier than lizards.

On the downside - many popular species are nocturnal, and many happily sit inside a hide for most of the day.

I've kept both, but personally I just love snakes :-)

This is just a short introduction - please, before you commit to a pet reptile that will live many years, do enough research.

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