Greyhounds have been on my mind lately for a couple of reasons - we recently introduced a wide range of greyhound jewellery which has been extremely popular.

Some friends of mine have recently adopted a greyhound from the Dogs Trust.

Racing greyhounds tend to be retired between three and five years old, less if they don't win! and that's still young for an animal that can easily live to be twelve to fourteen years old. Which is why there are so many adult greyhounds available for adoption.

As my friends and many others would tell you, they make great pets! Elegant and affectionate, they have many positives - their coats have low odour, low maintenance for grooming and cleaning, and for such fast dogs they don't have particularly high needs for exercise. That's not an excuse to not take them for a decent walk! but compared to other working dogs they are quite calm and laid back and enjoy lots of snoozes.

Is adopting a greyhound right for you? With any breed of dog (or indeed a dog at all) you need to consider if this is the best for you. Have a look at the FAQ on the websites below for more information. But if you do want to adopt a dog, please consider a greyhound :-)

Adopt a Greyhound

Greyhound Trust