Rosy boas

Rosy boas in my opinion are one of the best pet snakes. Relatively small even in adulthood, docile, generally reliable feeders, they also have the benefit of needing low humidity levels. This simplifies husbandry in the modern centrally heated home.

They also come in a wide and fascinating variety of colours and patterns which occur naturally in the wild depending on the location the snake comes from. 

We have two - a Mexican rosy boa, and a La Baja.

If you want to know more about these gorgeous snakes, a good place to start is this video from Snakes 'n Adders. This company have posted many interesting and informative videos on both youtube and their facebook page, which are well worth checking out. (I'd also suggest a visit if you are local). 

Snakes 'n Adders

Introducing Rosy Boas video

Not always easy to get in the UK but available from if you don't mind waiting a few days, this is undoubtedly the best book available on rosy boas

Rosy Boas Patterns in Time

Happy snake-keeping!