The endless fascination with snakes in jewellery

Snake jewellery is a hot trend this spring - everywhere you look you see them coiled round arms and stylishly slipping round necks.

Here at Bejewelled Gecko we love snakes anyway :-)

But we wanted to take a moment to discuss the symbolism of 'the snake', and the history of serpents in jewellery and accessories. 

Snakes have always fascinated us. Perhaps in part because they are so alien (how do they swim and climb without legs and arms!!), their venom, and also in many cases extreme beauty, if sometimes a dark and dangerous one ...

The snake symbol exists in almost every culture in the world, ancient and modern. It appears in the Chinese zodiac, as the icon for medicine in Europe, a symbol of Celtic rebirth, and the snake eating its tail represents eternity from Ancient Egypt to the Renaissance. We could go on ...

And added to all that is the fact of course that the shape of a snake lends itself so very well to being stylised as a necklace, bracelet or watch. So its no great surprise that you can find snake jewellery from all ages and countries.

Popularised by Queen Victoria, the snake continued to amaze throughout the 20th century, particularly during the Art Nouveau period. Perhaps some of the most stunning examples can be seen in the iconic designs of makers such as Lalique, Cartier and Bulgari (have a look at their Serpenti range). 

I'm certainly not going to be buying Bulgari any time soon, and I imagine I'm not the only one!!! However, you can certainly afford the lovely designs in our snake range. Have a look - we are adding more every day.